Andy Beeckman



Regatta list

YearNameBoatHelmsmanCrewPlace (of)Points
2009Kings of the Bay Regatta8Andy BeeckmanPaul Cayard2 (22)18
2005World Championship8824Andy BeeckmanJeffrey Nelson5 (170)50
2004World Championship8824Andy BeeckmanBenjamin Glass7 (102)61
2004Kings of the Bay Regatta8824Andy BeeckmanBen Benjamin2 (14)15
2003World Championship8824Andy BeeckmanBen Benjamin12 (81)71
2003Pacific Coast Championships7771Andy BeeckmanBen Benjamin7 (22)64
2002World Championship7771Andy BeeckmanBen Benjamin6 (98)53
2001World Championship7771Andy BeeckmanBen Benjamin17 (105)115
2001Pre-Worlds7771Andy BeeckmanBen Benjamin11 (34)11
2001Invitational Regatta7771Andy BeeckmanBen Benjamin2 (13)6
2001Spring #17771Andy BeeckmanBen Benjamin2 (17)21
2001St. Francis Spring Dinghy7771Andy BeeckmanBen Benjamin2 (16)9
2000World Championship7771Andy BeeckmanBen Benjamin6 (61)50
2000Richmond Small Boat Invite7771Ben BenjaminAndy Beeckman2 (9)11
2000North American Championship7771Andy BeeckmanBen Benjamin21 (45)120
2000Pacific Coast Championship7771Andy BeeckmanBen Benjamin4 (29)29
2000Santa Cruz YC Regatta7771Andy BeeckmanBen Benjamin5 (11)22
2000Santa Cruz One Design Spring Open7771Andy BeeckmanBen Benjamin11 (17)54
2000Richmond Spring Invite7771Andy BeeckmanJeffrey Nelson5 (14)19
2000Hi-Per/Spring Dinghy Regatta7771Andy BeeckmanGraham Shelter1 (12)11
1999World Championship7771Andy BeeckmanBen Benjamin2 (157)21
1999Pre-Worlds7771Andy BeeckmanBen Benjamin51 (88)152
1999South Bay RegattaAndy BeeckmanBen Benjamin1 (7)8
1999Richmond YC Spring Small Boat Invite7771Andy BeeckmanGraham Shelter1 (10)11
1999Richmond Regatta7771Andy BeeckmanGraham Shelter1 (10)11
1999Hi-Per7771Andy BeeckmanDon Smith2 (6)16
1999West Coast Midwinters7771Andy BeeckmanBen Benjamin3 (5)15
1998Pacific Coast Championship0Bruce TilleyAndy Beeckman4 (18)20
1998High Sierra Regatta8411Bruce TilleyAndy Beeckman2 (13)17
1998St Francis Regatta0Ben BenjaminAndy Beeckman3 (15)28
1998ABYC Memorial Day Regatta6992Andy BeeckmanJD Hess7 (12)39
1998Santa Cruz Spring Open Regatta0Steven BartzAndy Beeckman4 (15)26
1998Spring Dinghy0Andy BeeckmanSteven Bartz6 (11)37

Boats list: 7771, 8824