first Lindsay-hulled Lindsay, rebuilt ’96

Boat details

Year of building1979
Hull manufacturer
Hull materialwood
NameToil and Trouble
  • Simon Lewis
  • John Bryant & Ron Hughes
  • Regatta list

    YearNameHelmsmanCrewPlace (of)Points
    2020FAntastic Nepean FAll REgatta (FANFARE)John BryantRon Hughes1 (7)8
    2019NSC One DesignJohn Bryant1 (6)4
    2019FAntastic Nepean FAll REgatta (FANFARE)John BryantRon Hughes4 (12)37
    2016NSC One DesignJohn Bryant6 (9)21
    2010FAntastic Nepean FAll REgatta (FANFARE)John BryantRon Hughes5 (10)20
    2010Nepean One DesignJohn Bryant1 (8)11
    2004East Coast ChampionshipHobbsRon Hughes20 (29)124
    2002Eastern Canadian ChampionshipJohn BryantRon Hughes9 (16)73
    2001Qu├ębec ChampionshipJohn BryantRon Hughes3 (9)16
    2001Nepean One DesignMarius RzucidloRon Hughes5 (6)23
    2001Fleet 4 ChampionshipJohn BryantRon Hughes5 (14)31
    2000Eastern Canadian ChampionshipJohn BryantRon Hughes3 (10)0
    2000Fleet 4 ChampionshipJohn BryantPenney8 (11)60
    1999Canadian Olympic RegattaRon HughesJohn Bryant8 (20)54
    1999Nepean One DesignIan EskrittRon Hughes1 (8)8
    1999Fleet 4 ChampionshipJohn BryantRon Hughes2 (6)19
    1998Eastern Canadian ChampionshipRon HughesJohn Bryant11 (19)86
    1998Nepean One DesignJohn Bryant3 (12)10
    1998Fleet 4 Second SeriesJohn Bryant2 (7)5
    1998Canadian ChampionshipJohn BryantRon Hughes16 (33)76
    1997East Coast ChampionshipRon HughesJohn Bryant22 (23)180
    1997Eastern Canadian ChampionshipRon HughesJohn Bryant8 (18)47
    1996North American ChampionshipJohn BryantRon Hughes24 (34)128
    1995East Coast ChampionshipRick LeirRon Hughes14 (23)90
    1995Eastern Canadian ChampionshipRon HughesJohn Bryant6 (12)26
    1990World ChampionshipSimon LewisNick Lewis30 (76)171
    1981World ChampionshipLewisLewis26 (86)151
    1980World ChampionshipS.D. LewisStephen Peters53 (85)200