Boat details

Year of building1996
Hull manufacturer
NameWC '98
  • Bruce Edwards
  • Kirk Wilson & Ted Nordquist 1997 - ?
  • David Chatham
  • John Rahn 2004 - ?
  • Regatta list

    YearNameHelmsmanCrewPlace (of)Points
    2019Columbia Gorge One-Design RegattaLee LaneyAndrew Sutton11 (19)102
    2018Canadian ChampionshipLee LaneyMike Powell4 (10)26
    2018Dale Jepsen One-Design RegattaLee LaneyMike Powell4 (17)41
    2017Dale Jepsen One-Design RegattaLee LaneyMike Powell5 (15)17
    2017World ChampionshipMike PowellLee Laney50 (87)263
    2017Kitsilano Invitational RegattaLee LaneyMike Powell6 (14)39
    2016Puget Sound Sailing ChampionshipLee Laney3 (12)37
    2016North American ChampionshipLee LaneyMike Powell22 (49)165
    2016Dale Jepsen One-Design RegattaLee LaneyMike Powell7 (21)28
    2015Columbia Gorge One-Design RegattaLee LaneyJosh Dyck7 (9)63
    2015Dale Jepsen One-Design RegattaLee LaneyJosh Dyck5 (17)29
    2014Dinghy’s Whidbey Island Race WeekLee Laney6 (10)37
    2014Dale Jepsen One-Design RegattaLee Laney5 (19)21
    2013Dale Jepsen One-Design RegattaLee Laney2 (12)15
    2012Dinghy’s Whidbey Island Race WeekLee Laney8 (10)31
    2011Thursday Evening One Design Fall SeriesGrady Morgan5 (11)38
    2011Dale Jepsen One-Design RegattaLee Laney3 (12)22
    2009Seattle One-design Centerboard and Keelboat SeriesMats Elf3 (10)18
    2005Pre-Worlds107 (114)428
    2004World ChampionshipDavid ChathamMatt McQueen32 (102)170
    2003Pacific Coast ChampionshipsDavid ChathamJeffrey Nelson10 (22)70
    2003Columbia Gorge One-Design RegattaDavid ChathamJeffrey Nelson11 (18)80
    2002World ChampionshipDavid ChathamGraham Shelter71 (98)432
    2001St. Francis Spring DinghyDavid ChathamMatt McQueen6 (16)26
    2001World ChampionshipDavid ChathamMatt McQueen42 (105)239
    2001Invitational RegattaN. IakovouC. Shand14 (13)55
    2001Spring #1David ChathamMatt McQueen13 (17)102
    1997North American ChampionshipTed NordquistKirk Wilson34 (35)271
    1997Pacific Coast ChampionshipTed NordquistKirk Wilson19 (19)94
    1997Southern California MidwintersBruce EdwardsDavid Shelton10 (10)45
    1996Midwinter ChampionshipsCarisa HarrisDavid Shelton8 (20)47