Boat details

Year of building1997
Hull manufacturer
  • Barney Harris
  • Regatta list

    YearNameHelmsmanCrewPlace (of)Points
    2020Midwinter ChampionshipBarney Harris3 (16)23
    2020East Coast ChampionshipBarney HarrisJackson Montague5 (14)60
    2019Region Two ChampionshipBarney HarrisRJ Bay3 (14)10
    2019East Coast Championships & Buzzards Bay RegattaBarney HarrisRJ Bay3 (13)23
    2019Midwinter ChampionshipBarney Harris3 (17)19
    2019WRSC Spring RegattaBarney Harris3 (12)14
    2019Kings of the RiverBarney HarrisRJ Bay3 (12)14
    2018East Coast Championships & Pumpkin Patch RegattaBarney HarrisRJ Bay8 (24)62
    2017East Coast ChampionshipBarney Harris23 (23)168
    2017North American ChampionshipBarney Harris15 (25)123
    2008East Coast ChampionshipBarney HarrisClayton James10 (22)56
    2004World ChampionshipBarney HarrisGeorge Saunders43 (102)247
    2004East Coast ChampionshipBarney HarrisSaunders7 (29)48
    2003Bermuda International Race WeekBarney HarrisGeorge Saunders3 (9)15
    2002World ChampionshipBarney HarrisClayton James31 (98)184
    2001Hampton TrapezeBarney HarrisClayton James3 (7)15
    2001East Coast ChampionshipsBarney HarrisClayton James4 (27)31
    2001World ChampionshipBarney HarrisClayton James11 (105)95
    2001Midwinter ChampionshipBarney HarrisClayton James4 (12)21
    2001SSA Spring IBarney HarrisMike Nunes3 (10)16
    2001Hampton AnnualBarney HarrisClayton James1 (10)11
    2001West River SpringBarney HarrisClayton James3 (8)9
    2000World ChampionshipBarney HarrisJesse Falsone17 (61)86
    2000New England ChampionshipBarney HarrisJesse Falsone3 (14)14
    2000North American ChampionshipBarney HarrisJesse Falsone16 (45)95
    2000West River SpringBarney HarrisJesse Falsone1 (8)12
    2000Spring Bow IIBarney Harris9 (12)63
    2000Midwinter ChampionshipBarney HarrisJesse Falsone1 (16)7
    1999Hampton TrapezeBarney HarrisJesse Falsone1 (6)5
    1999Florida MidwinterBarney HarrisJesse Falsone1 (15)9
    1999North American ChampionshipBarney HarrisJesse Falsone3 (14)19
    1999WRSC SpringBarney HarrisJesse Falsone1 (12)0
    1999East Coast ChampionshipBarney HarrisJesse Falsone5 (26)26
    1999New England ChampionshipBarney HarrisJesse Falsone2 (15)10
    1999Hyannis AnnualBarney HarrisByron2 (11)13
    1998West River MidAtlanticsBarney HarrisJesse Falsone5 (9)13
    1998North American ChampionshipBarney Harris90 (89)444
    1998Hospice RegattaBarney HarrisJesse Falsone3 (12)16
    1998Midwinter ChampionshipBarney HarrisJesse Falsone9 (32)67
    1998Eastern Canadian ChampionshipDave SmithBarney Harris6 (19)47
    1998East Coast ChampionshipBarney HarrisJesse Falsone5 (26)51
    1998World ChampionshipBarney HarrisJesse Falsone22 (106)128
    1998West River SpringGary BodieJesse Falsone5 (10)21
    1998WRSC One Day 505 Regatta/Open HouseBarney Harris/Ray WulffJesse Falsone3 (11)6
    1997Karl Miller RegattaBarney HarrisJesse Falsone13 (13)42
    1997The Pumpkin Patch RegattaBarney HarrisJesse Falsone2 (10)10
    1997Hampton TrapezeJesse FalsoneBryan Russell0 (10)0
    1997East Coast ChampionshipBarney HarrisJesse Falsone14 (23)122
    1997North American ChampionshipBarney HarrisJesse Falsone12 (35)118
    1997Mid Atlantic Championship RegattaBarney HarrisJesse Falsone7 (13)22
    1997Hyannis Pre-Pre WorldsBarney HarrisJesse Falsone14 (22)63
    1997WRSC Spring RegattaBarney HarrisJesse Falsone4 (13)25
    1997Region II Championship RankingBarney HarrisJesse Falsone7 (17)22