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Bill Masterman

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Regatta list

YearNameBoatHelmsmanCrewPlace (of)Points
2002World ChampionshipGBR 8773Simon PayneBill Masterman8 (98)66
2002European ChampionshipGBR 8773Simon PayneBill Masterman3 (45)25
2002Open Meeting8773Simon PayneBill Masterman2 (19)7
2001UK National ChampionshipGBR 8773Simon PayneBill Masterman6 (29)21
2001World ChampionshipGBR 8773Simon PayneBill Masterman8 (105)78
2001Pre-WorldsGBR 8773Simon PayneBill Masterman9 (34)9
2001South East ChampionshipsGBR 8773Simon PayneBill Masterman9 (21)24
2001Campione del GardaGBR 8773Simon PayneBill Masterman1 (40)0
2001Inland ChampionshipGBR 8481Simon PayneBill Masterman2 (0)5
2000World ChampionshipGBR 8481Simon PayneBill Masterman8 (61)52
2000European ChampionshipGBR 8481Simon PayneBill Masterman3 (57)18
2000South East Championships8481Simon PayneBill Masterman1 (19)4
2000Lee-on-Solent OpenGBR 8481Simon PayneBill Masterman3 (11)7
2000Kieler WocheGBR 8481Simon PayneBill Masterman8 (44)38
2000Campione del GardaGBR 8708Martin WedgeBill Masterman21 (53)112
2000Solent ChampionshipsGBR 8481Simon PayneBill Masterman11 (24)27
1999UK National Championship & European CupGBR 8481Simon PayneBill Masterman4 (50)27
1999Weymouth OpenGBR 8481Simon PayneBill Masterman4 (20)27
1999Open meetingGBR 8481Simon PayneBill Masterman4 (20)27
1999World ChampionshipGBR 8481Simon PayneBill Masterman18 (157)92
1999Pre-WorldsGBR 8481Simon PayneBill Masterman75 (88)249
1999Campione del GardaGBR 8481Simon PayneBill Masterman1 (49)9
1999Southern Area ChampionshipsGBR 8481Simon PayneBill Masterman2 (36)12
1999Southern AreasGBR 8481Simon PayneBill Masterman2 (35)12
1998World ChampionshipGBR 8481Chips HowarthBill Masterman9 (106)61
1998NieuwpoortGBR 8677Ian PinnellBill Masterman1 (39)0
1998European ChampionshipGBR 8481Jeremy RobinsonBill Masterman1 (36)0
1997World ChampionshipGBR 8481Philippe BoiteBill Masterman45 (79)287
1997T.R. Fastenings UK National ChampionshipGBR 8481Philippe BoiteBill Masterman3 (45)31
1996UK National ChampionshipGBR 8481Jeremy RobinsonBill Masterman1 (20)7
1996South East Area ChampionshipGBR 8510Ian BarkerBill Masterman1 (6)3
1996World ChampionshipGBR 8481Jeremy RobinsonBill Masterman7 (96)90
1995World ChampionshipGBR 8481Jeremy RobinsonBill Masterman1 (106)11
1993World ChampionshipGBR 8481Paul BrothertonlBill Masterman2 (90)31
1991World ChampionshipGBR 8242Mark Upton-BrownBill Masterman23 (83)146
1990World ChampionshipGBR 8242Mark Upton-BrownBill Masterman9 (76)82
1989World ChampionshipGBR 8167Graham BaileyBill Masterman25 (90)139
1989UK National ChampionshipGBR 8167Graham BaileyBill Masterman6 (61)26
1988World ChampionshipGBR 8023Russell PetersBill Masterman25 (90)84
1988UK National ChampionshipGBR 8167Graham BaileyBill Masterman11 (97)67
1987World ChampionshipGBR 8023Russell PetersBill Masterman17 (74)92
1987UK National ChampionshipGBR 8023Russell PetersBill Masterman2 (87)25
1986World ChampionshipGBR 7787Martin JonesBill Masterman7 (87)74
1986UK National ChampionshipGBR 7787Martin JonesBill Masterman3 (114)19
1985European ChampionshipGBR 7787Martin JonesBill Masterman5 (86)52
1984UK National ChampionshipGBR 6933Ozzie StewartBill Masterman13 (84)80

Boats list: 8481